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  Ergonomics applied to surgery

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The hand has two grips 1965
Ergonomic aspects of surgical dexterity 1967
History of ergonomy in surgery
Ergonomics and anaesthesia
Review: Surgical Techniques, by Herbert Haxton
Ergonomics and the surgeon ( in Clinical Science for Surgeons ed Burnett 1981

Surgical instruments and effort referring especially to ratchets and needle sharpness
Forces exerted in clinical and operative surgery (as PDF file)
Measuring gentleness in surgery

The shape of retractor handles
Ergonomic design of a needleholder 1969

Ergonomics of diathermy forceps design

Ergonomics and microsurgery
     Ergonomics and the operating microscope 1978
     Selection and care of microsurgical instruments 1978
     Ergonomics in microsurgery 1969

Ergonomics and laparoscopic surgery
     Ergonomics and engineering of endoscopic surgery 1995