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Medical Journal of Australia

On giving injections
No news is bad news
For the doctor who has everything
Hospital switchboards
Ignorance and illegitimacy
Standards on edge
Games the Flintstones play
Winter croup and bedroom temperatures
Skin lesion biopsy using transfixion suture  (1974)
Too many general surgeons
Review: Surgical Techniques, by Herbert Haxton

Hopkinson: Hospital lighting (MJA)

Other publications

Occupational strains in schoolchildren
Coming to grips with faulty handwriting
[Letter,The Advertiser)
Drug packaging (Australian Financial Review)
WWDU2 (conference report) ANZ Journal of Occupational Health and Safety
The China connection (ANZJOHS)
Safety belts (Newcastle Morning Herald 1971)

Book reviews (to be added)

Herbert Simon: Models of Thought Vol II (Promotheus)
Human Physiology (ANZJS OHS)
Ben Shneiderman: Designing for the user (The Australian)



Editorials in the MJA were written when I was on a "roll" in the late 1960s. They seemed to flow from my (manual) typewriter, even though each one went through the usual half dozen re-writes or more. I think the editor at the time liked me.