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Clinical surgery - List of Pages

Inflammatory conditions

Principles of treating bacterial inflammation (Br J Clin Prac 1965)
Tuberculosis of the appendix (British Journal of Clinical Practice 1964)
Atypical mycobacterium in the neck (Eur J Clin Microbiol Infect Dis 1998)      
Non-surgical - Winter croup and bedroom temperatures (MJA 1969)
Bullraut stings (MJA 1969)

Non-inflammatory conditions

Paraduodenal hernia (ANZJS 1995)
Normal breast lumps - palpating and recording them (unpublished, 1997)
Cardiac arrest (Letter MJA 1969)
Postoperative confusion  (MJA 1973)
A cure for constipation (Letter MJA 1982)
Hypokalaemia (Letter, Lancet 1964)


A scheme for passing surgical examinations (unpublished)
Fresh warm blood for massive transfusion (MJA 1979)
Peritoneal suture (Letter MJA 1971)
Removing foreign bodies from the limbs (Australian Family Physician 1972)
Measuring tenderness (MJA 1970)
Skin lesion biopsy using transfixion suture (Letter MJA 1974)
Too many general surgeons (Letter MJA 1973)
Intra-gastric balloon for appetite control
Foreign body in the rectum
Long Leg Plasters