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  Surgical instruments

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Surgery & ergonomics


Information design

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General standards and care

Selection and care of instruments in general surgery
MIMS Hospital & Equipment Supplies Directory1975-2000]
Everything you ever wanted to know about surgical instruments but were afraid to ask       [Gown & Gloves, Davis & Geck 1976]
Standards on edge (Editorial MJA 1970)

A town like Tuttlingen

Articles written by colleagues [in MIMS Hospital Equipment catalogue]

Selection and care of instruments in orthopaedic surgery (David Vickers, Brisbane)
Selection and care of instruments in micro-surgery (Earl Owen, Sydney)
Selection and care of anaesthetic equipment (Richard Davis, Whyalla, then John Russell, Adelaide)

Individual Instruments

Instruments devised

A simple surgical silk winder made from an eggbeater (Nursing Times 1964)
A haemostatic clip for surgery (MJA 1971)
A hyperbaric chamber for newborn babies (Anasthesia 1964)
A throwaway laryngoscope
for emergency use (Anasthesia 1964)
Ergonomic design of a needleholder (MJA 1969)

Instruments reviewed

Weck hemoclip
Clay-Adams Autoclip

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