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  Heuristics of dissection

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Heuristics are rules of thumb, derived from experience, used by experts, who are usually unaware of them and therefore can't teach them.

Once they are actually put into words, they are no longer unaware. Also, it may be possible to predict some rules for dissection i.e. not derived from experience.


Heuristics of dissection Part 1
Heuristics of dissection Part 2 (
with diagrams)

Heuristics of dissection - slide presentation as pdf file.


Update December 2008:

My original 20 000 word paper in two parts, which was not publishable except perhaps as a book,was edited down to 3000 words to be manageable. It becames a regular article in this end-of-year double issue of the ANZ Journal of Surgery (see http://anzjsurg.com     and then go to the issue for 2009 December), It is accompanied by an editorial on the subject and eight other papers on applications of heuristics to specialised fields in surgery.

(If you are not taken directly to the issue for December 2008, then navigate back to there).



Heuristics of dissection